Reasons to Support the Book Fair:

  • Proceeds support the sixth grade activities for the 2018-2019 school year
  • Great time to purchase reading gifts for your child right before holidays





Book Fair Schedule:  Monday, September 24th - Friday, September 28th 

  • During student's Media Center time - Please have them bring money on their scheduled day.  Also please remember to add 6% sales tax to your student's purchase.
  • During Thursday evening's Open House


September 24th 


September 25th 


September 26th


September 27th

Friday, September 28th
8:35 am Preview Day  Ulbrich  Harnden/Nowicki Fromm  Last Call
9:25 am  Preview Day  Hall/Shaw  Sekerak/Ritchie  Piccirillo/Koehn Last Call
10:15 am Preview Day  Mirovsky Chodnicki  Boes/Smith   
12:40 pm Preview Day  White  Sandison/Carlson  Balwinski/Leykauf  
1:30 pm Preview Day    Winn  Angeli  
2:20 pm Preview Day      Brimmeier/Laber



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