Reasons to Support the Book Fair:

  • Morgan Elementary & Morgan Volunteers earns over 40% in Scholastic Dollars from every book that is purchased during the book fair.  

  • This great event allows the Birthday Books Committee to keep giving our children great books as gifts on their birthdays.

  • It also allows us the opportunity to purchase books and weekly news magazines for the classrooms, as well as, the library.

Book Fair Schedule:  Tuesday, May 8th - Thursday, May 10th   

  • During student's Media Center time - Please have them bring money on their scheduled day.  Also please remember to add 6% sales tax to your student's purchase.  



Tuesday, May 8th

 Wednesday, May 9th  Thursday, May 10th
8:35 am      
9:25 am      
10:15 am      
12:35 pm      
1:25 pm      
2:15 pm      


*Carlson and Ritchie's classes will shop among all three days of the book fair

  • Evening during Art Fair & Music Concerts



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